The Forum engages in four core programs:

The Forum convenes an annual Aspen Symposium.  Forum Scholars present research and papers at Aspen symposia, which are discussed and debated by the Forum community.  Time is also set aside for informal discussion and reflection. Read more about the major research initiatives the Forum is currently engaged in.  

The Forum launched with the Brookings Institution  a program on the Economy and Higher Education in 2009 to examine the challenges to colleges and universities posed by the changing global and U.S. economies. This program convenes annually. Support for this program is provided by TIAA. Updated content coming soon.

The Forum and the  Council on Foreign Relations  established the Higher Education Working Group on Global Issues in 2007.  The Working Group convenes annually to explore the role of colleges and universities in a rapidly changing world, and provides senior-level briefings for presidents on the economics, politics and culture of global hot spots.   Support for this program is provided by TIAA.

The Forum and WGBH Boston partner to develop dedicated programming on the future of higher education that is aired regionally and nationally. The aim is to inform a public conversation on the future of higher education via  On Campus  and On Campus Radio. Support for this program is provided by the Davis Educational Foundation, the Lumina Foundation for Education, and TIAA.