Chad Wellmon

  • University of Virginia

Chad Wellmon is Professor of German Studies and History at the University of Virginia. His primary research and teaching areas include modern European intellectual history, media and social theory, and the history of the modern university. His published work includes Becoming Human: Romantic Anthropology and the Embodiment of Freedom (2010), Organizing Enlightenment: Information Overload and the Invention of the Modern University (2015), and The Rise of the Research University: A Source Book (2017) with Louis Menand and Paul Reitter. His new book, written with Paul Reitter, Permanent Crisis: The Humanities in a Disenchanted Age will be out in 2020. He recently led a complete redesign of UVA’s general education curriculum and is currently co-director of the program. He is also Principal of Brown College, UVA’s oldest residential college. He received his PhD in German Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.