Debora Spar

  • Harvard Business School

Debora Spar is the Spangler Family Professor at Harvard Business School, where she works on issues of business-government relations and the political environment of international commerce. She is also chair of Making Markets Work, an executive education program devoted to public and private sector leaders in Africa, and teaches and consults for a number of multinational corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Debora’s most recent book is The Baby Business (2006), which examines the politics of reproductive science, analyzing how the “baby business” has developed and how commerce, politics and technology are likely to interact in and affect this market. Her current research focuses on issues of foreign trade and investment, examining how firms compete in foreign markets, and how government policies shape and constrain their options. Debora is leaving Harvard Business School to become president of Barnard College on July 1, 2008. Debora earned her Ph.D. in international political economy at Harvard University.