John Curry

  • Deloitte Consulting

John Curry is the Director of Strategic Initiatives with Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Higher Education Sector, where he works with clients to develop incentive-based budgeting, assess organizational effectiveness, and create operational efficiencies through technology enhancements.  Curry has over 30 years of business and financial management experience working with and at some of the nation’s most prestigious higher education institutions.  Prior to joining Deloitte, Curry was the Executive Vice President at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also held the following positions earlier in hiscareer: Vice President for Business and Finance at California Institute of Technology, Administrative Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer at University of California, Los Angeles, Vice President for Budget and Planning at University of Southern California, Intern in Management at Stanford University, Instructor in Mathematics at Chatham College, and Lecturer in Mathematics at Carnegie-Mellon University.