John R. Curry

  • Deloitte Consulting

John Curry is Director of Strategic Initiatives in Deloitte Consulting’s Higher Education practice. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of MIT, Vice President for Business and Finance at Caltech, Vice Chancellor for Administration and CFO at UCLA, Vice President for Budget and Planning at USC, and an NIMH Fellow in Organizational Research and management intern in the budget office at Stanford. In each of these universities other than Stanford, he participated in or led successful implementations of new enterprise software systems, in particular Oracle at Caltech and SAP at MIT. Curry was also Managing Director in the Huron Consulting Group. He has spoken and written extensively about the topics he has been engaged with during his career. His most recent publications include an article about managing liquidity, “Why Cash Flow is No Longer for Wimps” (with Lyn Hutton in Trusteeship, AGB 2012) and a book about the evolving theories and practices of budgeting and financial management in higher education, Responsibility Center Management: A Guide to Balancing Academic Entrepreneurship with Fiscal Responsibility (with Andrew L. Laws and Jon C. Strauss, NACOBO 2013). Curry has served as chair of the trustee finance committee of the College Board, and currently serves on the board of the Forum for the Future for Higher Education. His recent work focuses on forging pathways to productivity in colleges and universities to constrain costs and hence prices/tuition. Curry has a B.A. and M.A. from West Virginia University, and completed course work for his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon.