Karen Dynan

Karen Dynan is vice president, co-director of the Economic Studies program, and the Robert S. Kerr Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. Before joining Brookings last fall, Karen worked for 17 years at the Federal Reserve Board, most recently as a senior advisor. She also served as a senior economist for the White House Council of Economic Advisors from 2003-2004, and as a visiting assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University. Her published research covers a range of issues including household consumption and savings decisions, household financial security, mortgage servicing, and the effects of financial innovation on economic volatility. Recent publications include The Effects of Population Aging on the Relationship among Aggregate Consumption, Saving and Income, with Wendy Edelberg and Michael G. Palumbo (2009); The Incentives of Mortgage Servicers: Myths and Realities, with Larry Cordell, Andreas Lenhert, Nellie Liang, and Eileen Mauskopf (2009); and The Rise in U.S. Household Indebtedness: Causes and Consequences, with Donald L. Kohn (2007). Karen earned her Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University.