Roosevelt Montás

  • Columbia University

Roosevelt Montás is Director of the Center for the Core Curriculum at Columbia University.  He specializes in Antebellum American literature and culture, with a particular interest in American citizenship and national identity. His dissertation, Rethinking America: Abolitionism and the Antebellum Transformation of the Discourse of National Identity, won Columbia University’s 2004 Bancroft Award.  He teaches Introduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West, a year-long survey of moral and political thought, in addition to a seminar in American Studies called Freedom and Citizenship in the United States.  Each summer, he also leads a seminar for low-income, first generation college-bound high school students introducing them to European and American foundational texts in moral and political thought.  As Director of the Core Curriculum, he speaks and writes frequently about the history, place, and future of liberal arts education.