Sandy Baum

  • The College Board

Sandy Baum is professor of economics at Skidmore College and Senior Policy Analyst at the College Board. She has written extensively on issues relating to college access, college pricing, student aid policy, student debt, affordability, and other aspects of higher education finance, and is the co-author of Trends in Student Aid, Trends in College Pricing and Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society for the College Board. Other recent work includes studies of setting benchmarks for manageable student debt levels and of tuition discounting in public and private colleges and universities. Sandy co-chaired, with Michael McPherson, the Rethinking Student Aid study group, a foundation-funded effort under the auspices of the College Board that released proposals for reforming the federal student aid system in 2008. Sandy presented “Student Financial Aid Policies: Do They Promote Universal Education,” at the Forum’s 2003 Aspen Symposium. Sandy earned her Ph.D. in economics at Columbia University.